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What is Wet Cleaning

What is wetcleaning?

Professional wetcleaning is as different from home laundry as a McDonald’s quarter pounder is from a filet mignon steak! The hamburger and the steak are similar in that they both contain beef, but after that they don’t have much in common. The same is true of wetcleaning and washing; they both use water, but after that the two processes don’t have much in common either.

In and of itself, water poses many risks to textiles, dyes, finishes and fibers. Water can cause wetcleaningsome fibers to swell and distort. Water can cause dyes to bleed. Water can disturb finishes and cause the fabric to lose body. You’ve experienced all these things when you’ve laundered or hand washed things yourself. And the cumulative effect of repeated washing on many of your washable clothes is readily apparent to the naked eye.

On the other hand, professional wetcleaning employs 21st century scientific advances in water treatments and specialized processing equipment that stabilizes many dyes, restores finishes and protects most fibers from the adverse reactions that historically stemmed from exposure to moisture. In fact, wetcleaning technology has evolved to the point that it is difficult for anyone to recognize whether a garment had been professionally wet or drycleaned.

That’s the simple story on professional wetcleaning, and why it’s different from laundering. As trained professionals we take great pride in our ability to select the right process for your garment – that’s what makes us different and sets us miles apart from your average cleaner.

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