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Shirts Laundered

It might seem that laundering a shirt and returning it to you on a hanger is a simple shirtsprocedure. Actually, it is one of the most time-consuming and tedious tasks in our plant. Making sure that your choice for your favorite shirt on Monday morning is a pleasant experience is a labor of love by our dedicated staff.

First: Your shirts are all unbuttoned, your pockets checked for valuables or those little Post-It notes that will discolor your shirt. Your elbows, collars, and cuffs are then examined for wear and special stains.

Second: Collars and cuffs are scrubbed with special soaps that are technically engineered to remove those special “ring around the collar” stains.

Third: Colors and fabrics are sorted into individual loads to ensure proper cleaning.

Fourth: Combinations of soaps, sizings and synthetic oxygenated bleaches are designed for each special load.

Fifth: The load is then washed, rinsed, and extracted, a process that takes almost one hour to ensure proper removal of all stains safely.

Sixth: The shirts are removed from the washer/extractor and “shaken out” to get them ready for the pressing team.

Seventh: Using the most modern technologies, the shirts are pressed using the proper heat and air pressure to give you a crisp shirt that will keep its sharpness throughout your workday.

Eighth: The shirts are then examined by an inspector.

Ninth: Any missing or broken buttons are carefully matched and sewn on.

Tenth: A “touch-up” presser provides the finishing touches with a hand iron.

Eleventh: An assembler then puts your shirt order together.

Twelveth: If you desire folded shirts, a special “boxer” uses a sophisticated machine to fold and box your shirts.

Laundering your shirts professionally is the best way to ensure that you’ll look your best all day long. We know that the time we take to do the best job possible will be appreciated by our loyal customers.

National Cleaners Association, www.nca-i.com