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Fine Dry Cleaning


We cater to the needs of the most discriminating customer, priding ourselves in offering the highest level of service possible along with the greatest level of quality and care.womanbusiness

EXPERT STAIN REMOVAL-We take the time to analyze and break down every individual stain on your fine garments, and employ the most advanced cleaning procedures to make your garments look their best. Our professionally trained and knowledgeable staff bring a lifetime of experience to their handling of your wardrobe. In order to safeguard your clothing investment, they have undergone extensive education in the delicate art of dry cleaning and wet cleaning technologies and chemistry. As suggested by the SCMRE (Smithsonian Center for Materials Research and Education) the best possible stain removal results can be achieved when stains are fresh, and have not been ‘set’ by atmospheric conditions- so always bring your garments in promptly for the best possible stain removal outcome.

COLORS BRIGHT AND WHITES SPARKLE-Our dedication to maintaining the highest cleaning processing standards insures that your garments will always be returned to you odor free, clean and bright.  We do not indulge in the short cuts or cost saving measures that could result in bacteria growth, residual dyes, redeposition of soil or dingy colors in your fine garments. Indeed, our standards are so rigorous that we can offer heir looming and vintage garment care services, which will protect your most cherished garments for years to come.

FASTIDIOUS GARMENT FINISHING-Superb garment finishing is only achieved when the highest of standards are set and personnel are encouraged to take whatever time is necessary to do the job right.  Such an impeccable criteria requires hand-finishing craftsmanship on each and every garment, and the quality tools and equipment that skilled professionals demand. Rushed, assembly line production poorly maintained equipment that results in seam impressions, wrinkled linings, double creases, and other finishing faux pas are not tolerated. Our understanding of garment construction and our unique packaging ensure that your garment is ready to wear with pride, each and every time.

PERSONALIZED INSPECTION-Every garment undergoes a final multi point inspection to guarantee flawless workmanship. Our attention to detail is incomparable.

WHITES, SILKS, KNITS, BEADS, DESIGNER CLOTHES AND WEDDING GOWNSThese garments give us a chance to shine and to demonstrate our ability to truly excel. To put it simply, where others are fearful, we revel in treating the most exquisite and costly of garments. We treat each item with the care and skill it deserves. Your fine apparel will maintain its natural characteristics and look better longer. You can trust us.

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