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Down Garment Care


Ever wonder why your goose down coat or comforter is so warm?

Simply put, goose down has the best warmth-to-weight ratio of any insulation.

The capacity of the goose down to absorb the humidity of the body and to transfer it to the downexternal environment (hygroscopicity), and its ability to contain considerable quantities of air (heat insulation) are the reasons why.

Goose down, duck down and feathers, what’s the difference?

Down, and especially goose down, is a three-dimensional body, formed by a small central nucleus from which numerous particularly elastic filaments spread out, creating millions of tiny air spaces and developing thermal isolation which maintains body temperature. Duck down is smaller than goose down and therefore has less elasticity, volume, resistance and lifespan. The feather has a completely different structure than that of down; it is rigid, flat, heavier, with scarce capacity for absorbing air.

So, when purchasing a down garment or comforter be sure to check the content. The greater the percentage of goose down, the greater its ability to keep you warm.

After the season, be sure to not leave your down garments dirty. Bring your coats and blankets to us after the winter season, so they can be put away clean and preserved for the years to come. Fabrics deteriorate when left soiled for many months. If you bring them to us at the end of the season, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how clean and fresh they are for the next cold wave.

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