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Caring for Rayon


Rayon is one of the most confusing fabrics to consumers, and a processing challenge for the professional cleaner as well.  It is not a “natural fiber”, like silk or wool- but it is made from beigesuitwool pulp, which means that it does not share many “easy care” characteristics with other man made fibers. Through the use of dyes, sizings and finishes, rayon achieves  body, sheen, luster and shape. Unfortunately, these dyes, sizings and finishes are extremely vulnerable to disturbance by water, oxidation, abrasion and light.

The first lesson in proper rayon care deals with the preventing rayon from contact with water, water based foods, and other staining agents.   When moisture contacts these agents, the sizing or dye migrates to the edge of the wet spot,  disturbing the finish. This results in color loss and the formation of color “rings.”  These rings are difficult, if not impossible, to remove- especially if they have set for a long time.      

Make that sure you:

1. Wear a water repellent coat on stormy days.                                                                                              

2.  Be careful when washing your hands or working in the kitchen to avoid splashing.

3. Always use a napkin when eating.

Of course, remember to bring any soiled or stained garment into us for prompt professional care.

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